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EASY HOW-TO: Make Your Own Coffee Pod’s

EASY HOW-TO: Make Your Own Coffee Pod’s

I thought this was cool for anybody with or checking out a coffee sheath makers. A video I shot while I was in Las Vegas, my parents possess a Senseo Coffee Case Bre …

How to use an ESE Espresso Coffee Pod

The majority of modern espresso devices feature filter baskets both for loose coffee and for espresso hulls. ESE espresso coverings fit all models of espresso units whi …
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  1. luv u luv u luv u for making this!!! awesome life hacker

  2. will this work as a tdisk?

  3. Thanks so much, its so easy, sometimes you just kick yourself in the behind that something was so darn easy and , boom , I found you on youtube to show me how, lol. Thank you!!

  4. thanx very nice save us a penny lol

  5. awesome !

  6. if you need a more easy permanent solution look up “coffeeduck”

  7. You are sooo funny, you cracked me up. Thanks for the great idea.

  8. There are actual pod making machines for home use? Glad I saw this Video.

  9. Steven Allen Boggs

    Awesome! I used a 1/3 measuring cup and it works perfectly.

  10. nice!! def going to try that…now i can keep my pod coffee maker, since buying them on internet is expensive.

  11. ur such a fag! senseo isn’t really hot and you burn yourself on a bit coffee? its just finny

  12. love your idea!! thanks!

  13. great but i’ve switched to tassimo… too bad!!!

  14. amazing!

  15. Thanks! Straight forward and simply well done. Answered my questions, and now off to make some pot! Pods! I meant pods kids!

  16. I like it

  17. This was the best video I’ve seen yet… Thanks

  18. Great idea, I was thinking about buying a pod maker but, I don’t have to now. Thank you again buddy.

  19. Stephanie Nardiello

    I used to have an Illy Francis Francis (can’t remember which model) that worked with ESE pods. I am looking for a new machine to use with ESE pods, but want the ESE portafilter to be all stainless steel (no rubber or plastic parts inside) as the Illy model was. Sadly, Illy is only making machines to be used with capsules now. I ordered a Saeco, but returned it because of the rubber piece to be used with the pods. Any suggestions?

  20. wtf

  21. With all this… you didn’t show how to actually use it which is what brought me to this vid..

  22. Because the difference in money you spend a year can send you on a 3 week holiday to wherever. Your answer can apply to anything in life – just throw money on it instead of learning to be sustainable for yourself in life.

  23. That takes all the art and fun out of it…not sure I can see the joy in that….why not just go to Starbucks then and let them help simplify your life 🙂

  24. Im sure your comment will/may help others out so thanks for tip…think I tried it out tho but the pressure made it leak thro the top etc .

  25. you don’t have to cut the whole capsule in half, i just take off the foil and put a new piece when i reuse my capsules, works perfect!

  26. Very poor

  27. wow! this really works! will save me a fortune thank you 🙂 x

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