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How to Refill / Reuse a Tassimo T Disc

How to Refill / Reuse a Tassimo T Disc

How to Refill / Reuse a Tassimo T Disc

Refilling a Tassimo Milk T Disc with any flavor cream you want. It works finest with a truly think creamer. Condensed milk doesn’t work too well as it is not …


  1. I put it in the freezer when it’s done…….hope it’s enough

  2. Excellent. I always feel bad about throwing away disks after they’ve been used once; it’s so much waste! Hopefully I can get at least a few more uses out of them before they just end up in a landfill.

  3. this is alott of work….why dont they just invent a universal tdisk that can be reused over & over? keurig has one.

  4. Would you be able to make one with coffee? I wanna see if its possible to reuse the espresso t discs

  5. I’d rather just buy a box of milk discs than go through that painstakingly pointless process!

  6. Whats with the annoying as fuck OTT music

  7. to much work, just google cheap discs, many many places now do great deals, saves on mistakes if you do it wrong.

  8. Man, don’t be so tight! Just buy some new ones.

  9. Try “Press and Seal Saran Wrap” after you fill it. It is microwavable. It might stick and keep it fresh. Also, you could use a syringe too. Hope it helps.

  10. Couldn’t you put the empty disc back in the machine, then run a cycle? As far as I know, the machine can’t detect an empty disc, only what type it is.

  11. The tassimo steams and waters down the cream so it’s thinner, and adds a foam.

  12. Well what’s the point of having a tassimo if your doing this but to each there own.

  13. lazy fat us fuck i guess even breathing is too much work for them

  14. “Milk” you say. They don’t need to be refrigerated. That’s not milk… x3

  15. I used the removable thing where the coffee comes out, pushed it against the T disk and squirted water to clean it out first then ran it through the machine, then squirted milk in with a syringe.

  16. Cheap bastard ! T-Disks aren’t the same as the powdered pots. Its a different formula. If you want to use powder there’s no point in having a Tassimo, use a kettle!

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